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Now I've officially arrived!  Reading Steve describe what he knows about me made me think…  How is it a guy I've worked with for 10+ years knows so little about me?  Maybe because we're both so nuts over technology, that's all we ever talk about.  I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing, but it probably says something about Steve and I.

I'll open up in here a bit as this blog thing moves along, but to say I'm a technical guy is an understatement.  All things technical.  From electronics, acoustics, sound reinforcement (big-very large concert style PA systems), computers, programming, stage lighting, remote controlled cars, planes and helicopters to getting my hands greasy working on my car.  I also fancy things like music, design/art, psychology, politics, and baseball.

When I get the time, I hope to include some of my past and present projects/hobbies.  I think at one time or another, I've toyed or tinkered with just about everything – HA!

P.S. One important clarification in Steve's post about me.  It's not that I dislike sitting in front of  a computer more than necessary – I like computers.  It's that when I do, I feel compelled to work on any number of "work-related" projects.  That's taken some of fun out of it for me – long ago I used to both play and work with computers.  For years now it's been all work.  This blog is a small attempt for me to play/learn and while "work" may have nudged me into the blogoshpere, it didn't take much of a push.

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