A pretty good Monday…

It's been awhile since my last post.  I took a long weekend and spent the 3 1/2 days rebuilding the engine in my '70 GTO.  It's a project thats been in the works since this past April, acquiring parts, figuring out what to do, etc.  I finally teamed up with Bruce Fulper of Rock & Roll Engineering; he's been building Pontiac engines with amazing results for quite awhile.  Bruce seems to be a pretty cool cat, always eager to lend some advice.

Anyway, after becoming tired of mixing fuel and plotting trips, airport to airport looking for 110+ octane to keep the goat happy, I caved.  Bruce spec'd out a custom cam and reworked a set of cast iron heads for me to lower the compression in the ole 400.  I know, I know – but this is right up Bruce's alley.  Added to the mix is an Offy 2X4 intake with a pair of Edelbrock 750's, a MSD 6AL box and their Ready-to-Run distributor – I'm using a progressive linkage on the dual carb setup.

So after three very long days, she finally roared to life last night and sounded great.  I still have some tweaking to do, timing, carb adjustments, figuring out the throttle linkage, etc, but it's been a blast.  Hopefully I'll wrap-up this stuff tonight and take it out for a seat-of-the-pants run.  Stay tuned.

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