Microsoft vs. RIM

We have about 40 Blackberries in use at Learfield.  I still remember how cool that device was the day we received and got it working with our Blackberry Enterprise Sever.  No longer did you have to sit in front of a computer to retrieve your corporate email.  Now, several years later, I wonder how long RIM will remain on top.  We all know that when the giant (Microsoft) finally awakes and decides it wants something, it's typically just a matter of time until they own the market. 

I've been testing one of Microsoft's Pocket PC based smart phones for about 3 months now and love it.  I'll admit to lusting after one of those sexy thumb-wheels, but all-in-all I've made the transition.  The Pocket PC provides for a much richer experience; Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer – where does one stop?  This is unlike RIM's conversion of attachments to text; with my Pocket PC I work in native formats using "mini" office like programs.  With Microsoft's cash, an extensive developer network, and a device that looks and feels a lot like my desktop, I have to conclude it a matter of time.

Did I mention, it talks directly to Exchange 2003, no need for another sever, additional software, or service contracts – just check a box on the Exchange server and you're in business. Oh yeah, it only costs me an extra $5 on top of my cell bill to get email – not $50.

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