Who’s gonna care when I’m gone?

After reading Steve's post about digging out old family photos, scanning, tweaking, etc for posting to his blog; I couldn't help but chuckle.  He pondered aloud, "who's gonna look at these after I'm gone?"  Amen!  I recently scanned 400+ photos, cropped, tweaked, and laid down audio tracks for a family DVD honoring my grandmother's 80th birthday.  I couldn't begin to count all the hours I invested in it, but she loved it and that's all that matters.

But to the point of this post.  Steve has put together thousands of entries in his blog.  Heck, I'm just starting to crawl compared to him, but his post gave birth to this thought.  Never mind the pictures – who's gonna care enough about my blog to pay the bill when I'm gone?  Imagine one day some 20 year old geek, just out of school sitting at the server console – "rmdir philatkinson.org" enter.  Should it be that easy to wipe out so much? HMMMM…

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