A pretty good Monday… take two

Only its not Monday…

So I never got around to updating how the GTO rebuild went. Well, like many things it was so much fun I decided to do it again! Actually, once I got it running and took it for a drive something didn't feel quite right. So, I got out my trusty pencil, calculator, and double check the numbers – crap!!!! O.K. it happens to all of us sooner or later(at least that's what I keep telling myself); turns out when I installed the cam, I was 3.5 degrees off. For most, its not that big of a deal – few guys out there take the time to properly degree their cam during installation. But for me, it wasn't right and there is only one way to fix it (fix it right anyway) – tear the engine back apart and get my head out of my rear! So for about I week or so that's just what I did and boy was it ever worth it!!! Guys/Girls – fellow hot rodders – there is no substitute for taking your time and checking your work. I checked the cam placement 5 times before buttoning it back up. It used to stumble a bit once the second 4 barrel kicked in, but now it just flat gets with it. Back in 1999 I purchased a Pontiac Firebird Formula – then one day 6 months or so later, my wife came home from work to find it in pieces all over the garage floor. Yeah, I couldn't leave it alone either. That was the fastest car I ever drove, which is why I got rid of it – just wasn't responsible enough at the time. Well I'm proud to say the ole goat reminds me of that car now. Considering the goat is giving up 500 lbs or so and 30 years of technology advancements that's saying something!

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