A lesson in customer service

I bought a Weider Crossbar exercise thingy from Sears about a year ago; its been nothing but trouble.  They've been out to the house 4 times in 10 months replacing various parts – totally shoots the exercise routine in the head.  So a couple months ago, I finally had enough and started calling/complaining to Sears about the various problems, it took a bit of effort, but I reached the store manager.  He was awesome!  After a lengthy explanation of all the problems he asked if I was willing to give it one more try – "and if you have any other problems with it, just call me and I'll refund the full purchase price."  Great!  I trotted off home with the new machine and $50 gift card he tossed in for the hassle.

About 6 weeks later the new machine craps out on me too; what a piece of engineering this is.  So this weekend I get on the phone and pray the store manager hasn't been transferred and still remembers me.  Keep in mind, the store is into this thing for a couple grand by now, but true to his word he took care of it and with a smile on his face the entire time. Yeah, I know this is customer service 101, but it's so rare these days.  Instead of taking the cash and running away I went ahead a picked out a blow-flex – nothing fancy or electrical to break.  Turns out the price was marked wrong on the machine – to the tune of $200 in my favor.  Didn't even phase this guy – "No, problem Mr. Atkinson, it's our fault it's marked wrong.  How about I sell it to you for the price as marked and take off another 10% for all the hassle?"  Was that a question?

This manager turned an ugly, potential customer losing experience into a positive one.  I'll be back.

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