Network Management Project

Joel and I been evaluating Network Management Systems (NMS) including Desktop Management since June. We've looked at Microsoft's SMS and MOM, CA's Unicenter, LANDesk, and HP Openview – OVO, NNM, and Radia – we've been pretty busy. So after the last 6 months, we're both convinced that HP has the best solution we've seen, especially if you opt for the full implementation of Radia. Radia is HP's Desktop Management solution and already makes use of Change Management Database (CMDB) and is ITIL compliant. Radia also includes "state management" (part of a CMDB strategy); it allows you to specify a desired computer state then monitors the state of all installed software, patches, and OS configurations deployed through the system. If a system some how gets out of compliance due to mis-configuration either accidental or intentional, Radia will correct the problem; registry keys, missing files, etc are automatically restored. HP claims existing customers have seen Helpdesk trouble tickets related to software problems drop by as much as 97% – that's astounding!

We're still working our way through the evaluation process, but I believe we'll not only see a reduction in Helpdesk calls; we'll also substantially reduce the time and effort related to new system installation and computer refreshes by utilizing some of their migration and OS management tools. Efficiencies, improved security, less Helpdesk calls – if this product can truly deliver, maybe we'll have more time to invest in knowing and helping with the business and processes. Fingers crossed!

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