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One of my little projects I worked on for a long time is my entertainment center. I grew up in a semi- musical family so I always had access to rather large PA systems. As a result, I have a weird preference when it comes to listening to audio. At the risk of making the “audiophiles” go nuts, I pick Peavey over Carver, Klipsch, Bose and alike. If you liken an “audiophile” to a Ferrari, I’m driving a top fuel dragster – they both go fast; one is classy, sexy, etc – the other is about pure speed. For me it has to do with that “live concert sound” – no home audio gear I’ve ever listened to can emulate this sound. Frankly it takes size. I’m talking about 18″ subs, large horns, SPL ratings of 110db and lots and lots of watts. So over the years I acquired my dream audio system, and a couple years ago I built some entertainment cabinets to enclose everything and make it look pretty. I originally had all the gear in the bottom of these cabinets, but it was kinda ugly and the fans made a bit of noise so I moved it into a rack in the next room and hooked it up via remote using IR repeaters so I can control everything for my chair.

I like it, it’s mine, I made it. It’s a bit of a pain to turn on – the current inrush when I power on the CS 1200 almost always pops the circuit breaker, but I guess that’s a small price to pay. The system pushes about 1500 watts a side and the main speakers are a bit of an acoustic compromise. Ideally they wouldn’t be in the corners, but their placement anywhere near the TV made the screen look like a tye-die t-shirt. Large magnets and TVs don’t mix very well.

For you technical geeks:
Tops – Peavey’s HDH 244TI
Subs – Peavey’s HDH 1
Center – Klipsch
Rears – ceiling mounted JBL’s

Triamp configuration
Peavey CS 1200 drives the subs
Peavey CS 1000 drives the mids
Peavey CS 800 drives the horns
The rear and center channels are driven off the receiver

A pair of Peavey V4X 4 way electronic crossovers drive the amps
A BBE 862 drives the crossovers
A Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro feeds the BBE

The tuner, DVD changer, VCR is all consumer grade stuff:
Yahama RX-V630
Sony DVP-CX860
Sony VCR
Hughes HD TV receiver
HP m490n Media Center Computer

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