There ought to be a law against it

OK – for you women out there who drop your husband hints about what to get you for Christmas; the fact that you don't think we're paying any attention is intentional.  Here me loud and clear – once you drop a hint, that item is off limits until the day after Christmas – understand?  My wife has dropped so many hints and changed her mind so many times this year my head is spinning.  I've made several tips to the store to pick-up the latest hint.  I'm exhausted, I've given up, she'll get it all.  But wouldn't you know it; today she walks in with a new bottle of perfume, the one she hinted about,  the one I bought and wrapped for her – ARGH!

Ladies, do your guy a favor – STOP buying yourself the gifts you hinted about for Christmas.  I know it's rare, but maybe, just maybe we were listening this time.

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