Another long night working on the network

Another long night working on the vpn gateway upgrade. What should have been a fairly simple task now has Joel, myself, Fabian with Teralogix, and Chris with Cisco all on a conference bridge trying to figure out what’s wrong with this bloody thing. We’ve experience more down time with this router this week than in all of last year. I guess the old sayin’ no pain, no gain, applies here. I’m hopeful we’ll to the bottom of this tonight. Expectations were to turn up some new offices this past Monday, but we had to back off and regroup. I don’t want to miss our second deadline; the end of the week, so we’ve pulled out all the stops. Provided we can get through the upgrade process, we still need to configure and ship 3 new soho routers for the offices, test and debug before 6:00 pm Thursday. The pressure is on!

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