Are the wheels coming off my blog?

I sure hope not!  A reoccurring theme lately has been me whining about being too busy – takes away from the bloggin' desire.  Time spent on a computer, could/should be spent trying to catch up. 

Anyway, Joel and I had a laugh this afternoon at the thought of having someone follow us around for a day, keeping track of the various conservations and items worked on that day.  We bounce from topic to topic, meeting to meeting, and project to project; never spending a second more than necessary on any item.  It'd make for an interesting list.  By the end of the day everyone is exhausted, but thankfully everyone shows back up the following day and goes after it again.

Typically this is our "down time" (January – April).  A time when we play catch up from months of being on the road and operating short-handed.  Additionally, we perform network audits, brainstorm about technology, strategize about where we've been and where we're headed as we develop a budget for the upcoming fiscal.  The process usually takes a few months and spans across various discussions, research, service contract negotiation, and projects.  We're typically "budget ready" by mid-March.

Additional items on the plate this year:
HP Openview Operations installation
HP Network Node Manager installation
HP Radia installation
7 new office installations
1 office move

Doesn't seem like much on paper, but I've been working on the Openview and Network Node Manager since early January and still have a long way to go.  The Radia installation consists of several pieces; fortunately I outsourced some help on this one.  I'm expecting it'll take four of us about two weeks to complete the Radia installation – fingers crossed.  The office installations and moves translates into 2 people out of the office for approximately 8 weeks.

Not sure where the time to think, plan and budget will come from, but fortunately I have an awesome crew.  Some how, some way, they always pull it off!  And certainly it's a far better problem to have than those of General Motors or Ford!

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