Radia launch at Learfield

Joel, Christie, and I spent the entire week locked in a conference room assisting, watching, and listening while Grant from Net.Works installed a portion of our network management software; Radia. Radia is HP's answer to managing the desktop/server/software environment and is a recent addition the HP Openview solution. And it represents a rather serious investment of dollars and time into our corporate network.

Overall we closed the week impressed with Grant and the potential of the Radia Suite to assist us keeping pace with recent company growth. However, by Friday our heads were full and definitely looking forward the three day weekend – we're back at it Tuesday for another week. Grant tells us that a typical implementation is normally 4-6 weeks, but we're trying to do it in two. I already can tell there's no way we'll complete everything, but we'll have a good start. Maybe in a few months we'll have Grant back to tie up the loose ends.

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