Not dead – just speechless over Cisco.

No, I'm not dead.  Just been busy.

So imagine you boot up the ole laptop and up pops a little software application that looks just like the phone in your office.  When your office phone rings, your laptop rings, whether your in a hotel, coffee shop, airport or home.  Do you have a vmail message waiting for you at the office?  Well, is the message waiting light on your laptop blinking?  Yes?  Mystery solved.  You say you wanna call the office, but don't want to pay those hotel charges or break out the cell phone?  No problem, just dial the 4 digit office extension on your laptop; it's just like you're sittin' in the office.

Not impressed?  I'm just starting.  OK, so you're on your cell phone, you pull up to the office, walk in and sit down at your desk.  Doesn't it suck to keep paying those cell charges while you sit there staring at your desk phone?  We'll, you're not!  When you walked into the office the cell phone handed off the call to the office PBX.  No more snap, crackle, pop in the office.  No wasted cell minutes when you're right next to your office phone.  Oh yeah, while you're sitting in that meeting – your cell will ring when someone calls either your cell number or your office extension.

Keep going?  No problem!  How about video conferencing.  While you were at lucnh I went ahead and enabled your desk phone for video conferencing – it works in-conjunction with your computer.  So when you dial another office extension that is also video enabled – just like magic you're face-to-face.  Wanna share a Word doc? Excel?  How about a video clip?  Audio commercial?  No problem, just drag and drop it into the video screen and it automatically plays on the other side!  No helpdesk calls to set it up for for you – it's that easy.  Wanna conference someone in?  No problem – flash, dial the extension and there you go; three way video conferencing.

And it keeps going…  All corporate numbers/extensions are local calls.  Dialing Madison, WI from Jefferson City, Missouri?  That's a local too.

So you're moving offices?  Don't forget to take your phone with you.  When you sit down at that new desk, just plug in.  Your extension, your vmail, your video conferencing, etc – just followed you down the hall, across the country or around the world.

Can't get to your email?  No problem just call into the vmail system and let it read your email to you.  You can respond to the email with the push of a button.  Your message is recorded as a wav file, attached in an email and sent as a reply back to the person in your own voice.

Just a few of the things Joel, Randy, and I saw in a trip to Cisco yesterday.  Honest to God – real, live, working technology that we got to play with.  I'll spare you the details on the network security stuff we talked about – equally as cool!  Think MARS!

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