babble of days gone bye…

Looked for, found and dusted off my "ole programmers hat" earlier this week; adding a few new features to our Media Manager software (RSS and Podcasting).  Media Manager is the second generation of an earlier project of mine; audio manager.

Years ago we need a way to manage all the audio/media that's created at Learfield.  More importantly we need a way to automate the recoding, encoding, and posting of this content to several of our website.  And in typical Learfield fashion – there was a problem – so we solved it.  I went home for a couple of weeks – locked myself in the basement and crafted the necessary pieces of software to make it happen.  That was 6 or 7 years ago – 10,000+ audio bites and countless hours of recording.

I'll admit I miss not having the time to work on it more, but what I really miss is the era.  Years ago we just tackled things – large – small, it didn't matter.  I hate to say it, but sometimes we spend more time talking and selling each other on ideas or solutions than it'd take to just built or fix the darn thing.  Yes, I know the bubble burst years ago and for good reasons, but I guess like most people; there's a creative need deep inside me that needs to be filled every now and then.  I miss that entrepreneurial, go with your gut spirit, that served us so well in the past.  It's hard work pretending to be adults!

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