Radia installs Windows XP SP2

One of the tasks this week has been playing catch up with the installation of Windows XP service pack 2. Quite awhile back we dumped SMS 2003 – it was just too difficult to use and unpredictable. And up to a few weeks ago we went without any real means of deploying software, service packs and security patches throughout the company. Not a fun position to be in – stressful watching yourself get further and further behind. But since completing the installation of HP's Radia solution we've been getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday we deployed service pack 2 to 60 computers scattered across the company. This was the second deployment phase and took less than a minute to setup (not counting the initial packaging and testing phases). Just like clock work – our machines woke up at 1:00 am and installed service pack 2 while the IT staff slept quietly in their warm beds. First thing this morning I checked the status reports and was very pleased. Only 6 computers had failed. All failures were due to those computers (laptops in this case) not being connected to the network. Not a single computer failed due to an installation issues. Can't say that for SMS 2003.

Next deployment – 180 computers, across 25 plus offices. Can't wait!

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