Network backup another CA demo

O.K. so CA's Arcserve won't quite live up to the promises in our environment (previous post). Ya know, I don't know what it is with me – maybe I just enjoy the struggle, but I'm gonna try another product.

One of the problems we're trying to solve is the backup up of "mobile" users. And wouldn't you know it – the only company I've found that has a solution that fits our challenge is a CA BrightStor product; Backup for Laptops and Desktops. No, I'm not a CA fan if you don't already know. I've had several bad experiences with Arcserve and eTrust products over the last 5+ years or more, but this thing looks like the answer to a prayer. Byte level backups, policy driven, with end users maintaining the ability to initiate adhoc backups and restores – Hello!

I'm still gun shy from our Arcserve mess last week, but we're pushing ahead. Hopefully we'll get more than an hour or so into it – keep your fingers crossed! And keep checking back to see how it goes.

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