Network backup – continuing saga…

In continuation of my previous posts: How hard can it be to backup a network? and Network backup another CA demo.

So would it be rude to start off by saying %$^*! As previously posted, we spent the last few months researching various backup solutions and features settling on CA’s Arcserve, various add-ons and their Backup for Laptops and Desktops.

Over the past few weeks we’ve worked on various demos and immediately ran into problems with Arcserve. So many problems in fact that CA tucked their tail between their legs and apologized, coming to the conclusion the product they spent the past two months selling us on wasn’t going to accomplish all the items touted. In fairness to them – things go wrong sometimes – very disappointing, but not the end of the world. But now they want to up sell us on another product, no demo. Yeah, I can see how the demo thing is a bad idea – especially when the products don’t work to begin with.

Even so, we had high hopes for the Backup for Laptops and Desktops solution and quickly moved onto this demo. After two more weeks of working through problems, Joel and I again tossed in the towel this afternoon. The strategy behind this software is awesome – somebody, somewhere at CA understands the mobility problem. Unfortunately, the way CA chose to implement the software completely misses the target. No support for Active Directory – the product has absolutely zero understanding of AD requiring that each user be an administrator of their computer. This is so fundamentally flawed a strategy I don’t know where to begin. For a corporate environment, in this day and age, admin privileges just aren’t the norm anymore.

And to think we considered CA’s Unicenter for our network management platform – talk about singing the blues. Thankfully we chose HP’s OpenView instead. As for backups – all I know right now is what the solution won’t be.

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