Steve has Mac lust…

My Mac – iPod Rant 

OK – so Apple makes some pretty sexy hardware.  And yes, all the “cool kids have them” – I guess?  But I don’t get it beyond that.  I think for many Mac users, it’s just about being different – some how it fulfills a need to view themselves as a nonconformist.  But honestly, what is Apple anyway – just a smaller version of Microsoft?  Think about it – they lock their OS so that you must purchase “Intel based Mac hardware”.  They developed their own media format and locked out other formats such as WMA and WMV from iTunes and the iPod even though the hardware supports it.  I’m sure others could point to numerous similar practices. 

Me, I’m more of a Linux guy at heart.  I very much appreciate the open source movement, even though developing a support strategy for these project in a corporate environment is difficult at best.  No, I admit I still run Linux within VMware on my Windows machine. 

Steve Mac lust post 


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