Why having a good attitude is important!

Last week I ran across Sam Glenn a motivational speaker from Naperville, IL.  I was so impressed with Sam that I purchased his book and a video of his.  Last Friday we all sat down as a family, watched the video and the kids laughed their butts off.  Now when the opportunity arises, Sheri and I make sure to remind our kids (and ourselves) about Sam’s stories (which the kids can relate to and remember) to the lessons about having a good attitude.

A Great Life Starts with a Great Attitude
– Sam’s thoughts about having a good attitude.

  • Attitude is how we treat others
  • Attitude is the way we approach life
  • Attitude is contagious
  • Attitude is how we respond to challenges
  • Attitude affects our health
  • Attitude affects our relationships
  • Attitude is our personal trademark – my personal favorite
  • Attitude determines if we fly or fall
  • Attitude creates experiences for you and others

Pretty good words to live by, if you ask me!

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