Frozen Rope Classic Baseball Tournament 12U – 4th place finish

Updated 4/23/2006:
Last night the Mud Dawgs won another, bringing them to 3-0 for the tournament. Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost the first game Sunday in sudden death, sending us home with our tail between our legs. That stinks, but it's torunament play for you. For the last two game the Dawgs really struggled in the batters box and made a few errors on the field. Combining their league and tournament play the Mud Dawgs are 9-2, not bad. Back to normal league play Thursday, hopefully the time off will allow the kids to relax a bit and start up their hitting game again.

This weekend Sam and the Mud Dawgs are playing in a tournament at Twin Oaks Columbia, MO. The Mud Dawgs have expanded their winning streak to 6; winning two games Friday evening beating the Macon Heat 4-0 and the Tipton Cardinals 13-2. More games today and Sunday. I’ll post the updates here.

On a personal note – having watched Sam play ball for so many years and on so many teams, it’s wonderful to find a team with so many players that have a passion for the game. Watching these kids play is inspiring – but of course that’s a proud father talking.

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