Backup: A success story in the making?

So about a year or more ago the CFO tasked the IT department with finding a transparent backup solution for our mobile users. Transparent meaning that the mobile users didn’t have to think about anything concerning their backup process. Well, maybe – just maybe we’re there.

Seems like we’ve demoed a lot of software, but in reality I guess it wasn't all that much. Buried with many projects and explosive growth this year, it’s just been difficult to focus on the project. I’ve already blogged my disgust with CA’s products so I won’t bash them anymore, but will say Atempo/Storactive’s LiveBackup appears to live up to everything CA’s Backup for Laptops and Desktops didn’t and then some.

LiveBackup is basically real-time replication for mobile users or desktops. Policy driven, AD integrated and about a 15 minute install if you already have a server with MS SQL available. I finished installing the product about an hour ago; installing the client via an active X control and a web browser (there are several possible installation methods; including group policy) what could be easier? After installing the client, it immediately began caching my data files locally and fairly quickly began streaming those files to the backup server. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to finish up before I had to leave the office – not a problem. Here I sit at home typing this on my DSL (no VPN necessary) as the client software continues backing up my data via HTTP and SSL. I didn’t have to tweak, touch or even think about it.

All-in-all, I’m impressed. This is the way it’s supposed to work – no fuss, no pounding your head against the wall, no need for tech support. A simple, elegant solution that appears to simply work! So if you have a mobile backup issue that needs solving, be sure to check out LiveBackup.

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