Still mac-less

I’m still lusting, but I’ve been holding out waiting for the right eBay item to come along; maybe by then it’ll wear off. Steve while talking about his new MacBook told me his computing, “seemed more fun”. I don’t know, maybe because it’s new, but I suspect it’s deeper than that. The mac crew – those creative, artistic group of developers and engineers locked away deep in the heart of Apple realize what the PC crew never has – if you’re going to spend 8 hours or more a day pecking away at something, it should be a pleasurable experience.

From that perspective, “the experience;” everything is game; not only function, but the intangibles – way the device feels. Do you want to work on a cheap piece of plastic or some nice piece of hardware engineered by fanatics? What about those slick window transitions, eye-candy, the dock? It all makes for an overall experience that the PC makers and MS just don’t grasp. It’s not about one thing – it’s about all the little things that just make computing “more fun.”

Hmmmm, I sound like a guy with a basement full of Apple gear – well, not yet anyway.

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