As for the Mud Dawgs…

Well, lets just forget about their performance last night. While the team was there – they certainly didn’t show up to play. It was awful!

The Mighty Ducks flew circles around the Dawgs winning 10-3, I think. And the only thing I can say about the second game – I’m sure the kids will have many nightmares thinking about playing Nightmare again (2005 State Champs). The score was 15-0 when the lights malfunctioned and the game was called. Yikes!

But it’s not all bad – honestly, the Dawgs are a lot better than they played last night and every team is allowed to have a bad night or two. My guess, both these teams will be surprised when they run across the Mud Dawgs next time.

Don’t worry about it guys, keep your heads up; you’ll get another chance at both these teams.

Another tournament this weekend in Columbia, MO. So if you’re not doing much this mothers day weekend and enjoy baseball, you should stop by and watch some pretty talented boys play.

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