Mother’s Day Tournament – Mud Dawgs take the championship!

Updated: 5/7/2006 9:00pm
What a weekend of baseball, I’m exhausted – good thing I’m not the one playing.

Well, the Dawgs pulled it off! They went undefeated in the tournament beating the Macon Heat earlier in the day to wrap up seed play, then onto the championship game where they faced the Ellisville Yankees again. Unfortunately the Dawgs won by forfeit – not the way you want to do it, but a win none-the-less. The Mud Dawgs were down by one, no outs, two on and at the top of their line-up when the Yankees made a pitching change. I guess the coaches were a bit nervous and decide to cheat by pitching a pitcher who had already pitched his five innings – something you can’t do. They had pulled the same thing on another team earlier in the day, but didn’t get caught that time. Quickly the coaches and parents scrounged up the $100 cash protest fee (your forfeit the cash if you’re wrong) and awaited the verdict – “Mud Dawgs win!” Not a very exciting way to do it, but hey – either play by the rules or go home!

Why the coaches can’t just let the kids play ball, I’ll never understand. I mean really, is cheating something you want to be teaching a bunch of 10-13 year old kids? Anyways, with a bit of luck the Dawgs will get another chance to finish this game with the Yankees in the future.


Updated: 5/6/2006 7:00pm
The Mud Dawgs just clinched their spot in the championship game tomorrow by beating the Ellisville Yankees. Boy are my lungs worn out!!! It was a long game, but the Dawgs pulled out of a tie in the bottom of the fifth with bases loaded and a small infield hit that just got by the pitcher. It was enough to get in the winning run. It was a good but ugly game with lots of bad calls for both sides. It happens sometimes, but when it does you have to fight that much harder for the win. And that’s just what they did.

So for the tournament the Dawgs are the only team 3-0. This makes their 2:00 game nothing more than exercise – they can loss 50-0 and it doesn’t matter. A good spot to be in; we can conserve our best pitchers and just horse around. Should be a fun, stress-less game.

Championship game is at 4:00; either against the Mexico Mustangs or the Ellisville Yankees. Good news is – the Dawgs have already beaten both of them. And hopefully they can do it again!


5/6/2006 1:00pm
So far, so good with the Dawgs; their 2-0 in the tournament. Starting to play like a team again on the field and letting their bats do the talking. Yesterday they whipped JCBI 10-1 and this morning beat the Mexico Mustangs by one; 7-6. Still one more game today at 4:00. *My first post using the ole cell phone.

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