Back amongst the living

This week I spent most of my time working on an IT roadmap that lays out IT strategy for the next 12-36 months. It’s always a struggle to go from being in the trenches to flying at thirty thousand feet, but once I get there I love the view. At 30,000 feet things seem so clear and the decisions seem easier – not easy, but easier than all the smaller day to day decisions that go into achieving various objectives and goals. I’m sure that’s true of most people; somehow it’s always easier to envision a picture than it is to actually paint one.

My wife is kind enough to allow me to take over the living room; where I get in the “zone”. I refer to the zone as intense focus. It’s a talent or curse I’ve always possessed. While in the zone, I’m immune to almost any distraction. And once there, with the creativity juices flowing; I’m not coming out until either I’m done or the inspiration runs out. Not much eating and very little if any sleeping once in the groove. Years ago I went 36 hours straight working on a network problem. I’m older now and that’s gotten a lot harder than it used to be.

It’s always a fun time, I enjoy the work, but I’m also glad to back among the living.

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