Lots happening…

Besides baseball – there’s lots happening around work and with the Atkinson household.

Sheri’s last day of work is Monday.  For the last several years we’ve been working to get things organized and debt paid off so that she can stay home with the kids.  Trust me, I know how blessed we are to have achieved this – I know lots of families out there wish they could do the same.  I’ll tell you it sure hasn’t been easy, but it is possible; cutting back and lots of hard choices are in your future.  But it’s easier once you get your priorities straight and start investing in your family, instead of the big screen TV, new cars, and so on. 

Kids are about out of school – their 5th grade graduation is Thursday.  Junior High this fall!  So what do you remember about your junior high experiences?  Na…  On second thought, I’d rather not know.  Also been playing with Drupal 4.7 and a new two column layout for the blog; more to come on that later.

Lots of change at work too.  Fiscal year ends this month, which always brings change.  The IT department is getting some extra help, which means we’ll be hiring soon.  A roadmap meeting last week laid out our IT strategy for the next 36 months – lots of work to do.  The meeting went pretty well and as always, lots of good ideas and thoughts were exchanged.  Without a doubt, that exchange of ideas is worth its weight in gold!

Megan starts softball Thursday.  Nothing like Sam’s play, she plays to have fun and hang out with her friends.  It’s a little more competitive this year than in the past, but it's still about having fun.  It’s kinda weird switching back and forth between Sam’s level of play and Megan’s.  One day your screaming and yelling about the guys making errors, the next you’re praising the girls for making the same mistakes, but trying so hard.  Not sure one’s better than the other, it’s just different and that’s ok!

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