School’s out Celebration Tournament – 4th place finish

6/4/2006 3:00 pm
Well folks, I’m sorry to report that Saturday’s game against the Stars was simply a disaster. I don’t think the Dawgs could have beaten a 9 year-old team Saturday – it was ugly. I wish I knew how to get the Dawgs back to their old form.

Sunday’s game was against the Gators was much better played, especially considering the Dawgs were playing with only 8 players. However, lady luck left them hangin’ high and dry; falling victim to the Gators 5-4 in the bottom of the 5th. Once again it was time to pack up and go home. For some reason its like the Dawgs have forgotten how to win these days.

Back to league play Wednesday and no tournament this weekend. Hopefully the break will give the Dawgs a chance to reset and figure out some things.

6/3/2006 12:15 am
Tonight the Dawgs took on the Baldwin Fireballs, winning 9-1 in four innings. All the Dawgs were hitting tonight – it’s been awhile. Aldan was throwing strikes as usual, but the big news took place in the outfield. Several amazing catches on the run by both the center (Greg) and right (Patrick) fielders. The Dawgs really looked like a team tonight, with everybody pitchin’ in to get the job done!

Next game – 6:00 pm Saturday. It’s been awhile since we’ve had this much time off on a Saturday, hopefully I can catch up on some bloggin’.

6/2/2006 12:35 pm
Back at the ball park last night for the start of the School’s Out Celebration Tournament.. The Mud Dawgs pulled it out late in the game closing their two run deficit, ending on top 7-4 9-5 against the Columbia Aces. A late one tonight with a 10:00 pm start against the Baldwin Fireballs – hope we can keep Sam and the rest of the awake throughout the game.

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