You wish these moments could last forever…

During Saturday’s game against the St. Louis Panthers, Sam managed to pull of the “play of the game” and maybe his life thus far. We often talk about how important it is to come through when the chips are down. And we all know how difficult that can be, but Saturday was Sam’s day.

It’s the bottom of the 5th and the Dawgs are up by one run. The Panthers have one out and runners at first and second – their winning run at first. When Sam (2nd baseman) cleanly fields a hard line drive – looks to second, but no one is there. He scrambles towards second and steps on – out! Then turns and fires the ball to first – out! Double play! It’s hard enough to turn a double play when everything is clicking with the team. It’s even harder to do by yourself. This play ended the ball game and did so with the Dawgs still on top.

As the umpire called the out at first- the team and stands erupted in cheers – the team and coaches ran at Sam screaming and yelling. Hugs – pats on the back – then the team picked him up on their shoulders and carried him around the infield. As they left the field he was congratulated by other teams, coaches, umpires and parents. It’s an experience he’ll never forget! Way to go Sam – enjoy the moment!

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