Various happenings

I’ve been slackin again on the blog postings no good excuse…

Sam has a few weeks off before the start of the fall leagues… while Megan has a few weeks of softball left.

Saturday, was the neighbor’s (and good friend) birthday party. He’s as addicted to fireworks as I and paid me to build my famous fireworks display for the party. A little issue with the fusing made what was supposed to be a 3 minute display go up in about 30 seconds, but man was it cool. Next year we’re going with electronic ignition. Over all, we burned up about $400 worth of fireworks in about 10 minutes. I don’t know about you, but there’s something liberating about setting money on fire – especially when it’s not yours – a little rebellious maybe.

Things are getting pretty busy at work again. This month we’re upgrading a lot of Cisco gear; including a network topology redesign. We’re installing a couple ASAs, MARS, IDS, Clean Access, LMS, SPA and CSA. On top of that, Net.Works will be here the week of the 24th to upgrade our Radia installation. Finally we’ll top everything off with a backup upgrade including Atempo’s CDP solution for our mobile users. By the time we’re finished we’ll have significantly improved the security of our networks.

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