Learfield purchases it’s first Mac

Ok – you can stop already… a couple weeks ago I purchased Learfield’s very first Mac and boy have I caught my share of crap over this. So here it is, I’m now referring all questions to this posting – that is unless you can fire me, in which case I’d be happy to discuss further.

1) Learfield has been using a small video presentation on iPods which they present as part of their pitch to some clients. Despite having a pretty good set of video tools at home, these videos take me between 8 – 12 hours to convert and copy over to the iPods. Everything I’ve read claims this is a pretty simply and quick process on the Mac. So now Learfield owns a good set of tools for this.

2) Since Mac now uses Intel hardware and is able to run XP via boot camp, it’s a win – win. We can now have the video tools we need on a box that still fits into our network. It’s a dual purpose box.

3) I had to purchase a new laptop for our open helpdesk position anyway. Now it’s a win-win-win.

4) And yes, I admit it – I want one. I’ve read so much good press about these machines; it seems like a technology we should look at, especially considering everything above.

So there you have it – if you wanna poke fun at me, do it here, besides I’m in Radia training all week.

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