Radia upgrades are in the works

The Net.Works folks are back at Learfield this week assisting us with a Patch Manager upgrade for Radia. In between all the questions, brain storming, and seriousness of what’s going on; we try to have a good time. Still pretty new to Radia we struggle to wrap our heads around this extremely flexible product.

Jamie has taken over our Radia and backup Admin position, so we’re looking for a new helpdesk person (spread the word). Jamie’s move to Radia will enable us to develop the required skills and make better use of the Radia suite of tools.

For those of you not in the know; Radia is a set of tools we use to manage our desktop environment at Learfield. We use it to install software, track licensing, track and report on assets, and patch Windows security flaws. And while there is significant upfront work in preparing and testing new software packages and patches, once through, it’s just a few mouse clicks to push those changes to the 400+ computers we have scattered across the country. An amazing time saver if you consider how long it’d take us to install a single update if we had to manually contact every person in the company and remote control their computer to install the update. Now imagine Microsoft releases 20 updates a week; 20 X 400 = 8000 installs – thank God for Radia. We simply couldn’t keep up without it!

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