On the Mac, day two.

Andy sent over this picture today; he thought it appropriate given my recent move to a Mac. He’s also felling a bit cocky – vindicated I believe were his exact words, after years of touting Apple’s superiority.

So after two full days in the Mac world, here’s my take.

Pretty cool – I’m amazed how simple it was to install boot camp and get XP running. It runs perfectly, works in our corporate domain, no trouble with our desktop management tools – nothing. Oh, except a little login script issue; seems ScriptLogic has a bit of trouble, but that’s not a problem for me, however it would need to be resolved before we’d accept the Mac for end users.

As for OS X – I’ll admit I’m surprised by how not lost I am. I expected to struggle with the Mac for quite awhile, but honestly it’s been pretty easy to get the hang of, though there is still lots I don’t know.

Apple’s claims that OS X “talks” (works?) with Microsoft’s Active Directory is a bit of a stretch if you ask me. Sure the Mac understands LDAP pretty well, but don’t count on it working in your domain unless you’re willing to make some schema changes. And if you’re running 2003 AD as we are, you may have to reduce network security to allow OS X to authenticate. If you don’t like those options, take a look at AdmitMac. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks as if AdmitMac will take care of OS X’s AD shortcomings.

All in all, it’s been a very positive experience. And if Apple takes a serious stab at the LDAP/ MS AD issues I mentioned above and bolsters it’s “support” of XP on their hardware, either by improved driver support for boot camp or dare I say virtualization (the ability to run XP within OS X). I’d guess that as win-based, active sync support for the Treo help get their foot in the corporate door; win-intel/OS X should accomplish the same for Apple.

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