Our anniversary

So todays the day, it was 18 years ago and about this time Sheri and I exchanged wedding vows. According to our parents we we’re way too young, she was 17 and I 19. I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same if it were one of my kids, but its worked for us.

Sheri and I’ve lived the fairy-tale; two kids that met at a very young age. She moved in two doors down from where I lived when she was 10 – in essence we raised each other. And by the time we married, we’d already dated each other (gone together) off and on for 5 or 6 years.

For several years we talked about getting married – since 14 or 15 I’d guess. But I was still shocked when one day strolling through a park, she stopped me and basically asked me if I would to ask her to marry me. Ah sure? I wasn’t quite sure what was going on – her mother didn’t quite care much for me at the time. So I asked and she said yes. Nothing fancy – nothing planned – pretty low key, but it still felt as if the world still paused for our moment. Later she explained her mother had agreed to sign on the dotted line for us.

Most things beyond that are a blur, within 3 or 4 months we were married Sheri and I pretty much paid for the wedding, making most things and borrowing others; all-in-all we pulled off a pretty nice wedding, thanks to help from family and friends. Unfortunately, we had nothing left for a honeymoon, but that’s probably true of a lot of newlyweds; one day we’ll have to do that.

I know this’ll sound odd and not very romantic, but one of the things I remember most about those early days was Sheri’s senior year. Yep, that’s right we were married just before she started her senior year. You can’t imagine the havoc that caused the school system. Pretty cool to sit at your desk and write your own note for missing school the previous day. Yes, it was difficult and I think we surprised a lot of people, but honestly the thought of her quitting school never entered our minds.

Hard to believe that was already 18 years and two kids ago. Seems like yesterday. Thanks baby, for blessing my life. I couldn’t do it without you and most importantly, I wouldn’t want to. We’ve been married longer than we spent growing up single and given the odds we’ve faced, I think that’s saying something. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Happy anniversary. I love you!

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