Took a week vacation last week – sort of anyway…

A couple weeks ago I was working on the GTO and came to the conclusion that whoever originally painted the car was either in a hurry or had no idea what they we’re doing when they assembled the car; panel alignment, door alignment, the gaps were horrible. So I spent the first part of my vacation totally disassembling the car from the doors forward. When these bone heads set the core support they didn’t make sure it was square on the car – bone heads! It seems the car must have been in a fender bender at one point in it life and one of the bumper brackets was bent out of whack. And instead of fixing it they just tried to compensate for it – bone heads! Anyway, it took three solid days of work, but I managed to fix the bracket and get everything squared and shimmed back on the car. It looks pretty good for an amateur. And now I can truly appreciate what good “body men” are worth these days.

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