2006 BC Fall Pre-Season Tournamnet

Man, I’m such a slacker – sorry about being so late with your Mud Dawg update.

Ok. Friday night was the first game of the BC Fall Pre-Season Tournament and the Dawgs were playing well, especially for a team that has only practiced together twice. Remember, only half the team is made up of players from this spring play.

Friday’s game against the Osage Indians belongs to Kyle – he pitched an awesome game and was definitely bringing the heat. It was easy to tell he’s been practicing during his mini-vacation. Final score 4 -1, Mud Dawgs.

Saturday was a full day of baseball; first up the Dawgs took on the Wildwood Bulldogs, pulling it out in the later half of the game, 8 -5. Next inline for a Mud Dawg beatin’ was the Sedalia Blue Soxs; we haven’t seen these guys since the Got Heat Tournament back in May. It was a see-saw battle in the later half of the game, but as you know, it only takes one and when time ran out the Dawgs were the ones on top, 5 – 4.

Sunday… We’ll once again, as I’ve had to write many times this spring, everything fell apart as the Dawgs took on their rival the Mexico Mustangs. This was a game the Dawgs should have easily won, which was probably the problem. I suspect the Dawgs thought they’d have an easy time of this game and just stroll into the championship game; it wasn’t to be. The Dawgs made several errors practically giving the game away in the top of the sixth. The home field advantage just wasn’t enough for the Dawgs to catch up. Huge kudos to the Mustangs for turning an awesome double play in the bottom of the sixth sending them to the championship game – good work guys.

Mud Dawgs – it’s time to get practicing!

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