Mud Dawgs fall opener ends in a split

Sundays first game against our pals, the Sharks, was all Mud Dawgs; final 11 – 2. Sam was the lead off batter for the Dawgs, but before Coach Carter (Shark’s coach), could get out the words, “good hitter.” Sam took a crack at the first pitch with his new bat and managed a solid hit to left center. As the game progressed, it turned into a big night for Sam; he was first to score on a base hit by Sklyer (if I’m remembering correctly) then managed an additional 4 RBI’s for the game. It was great to watch his confidence build after struggling so much this spring. And while it’s still too early to tell, hopefully Sam’s old batting style and success is on a comeback; only time will tell.

Next the Dawgs took on the Mexico Mustangs, loosing this one by two or three. I’m the worst t remember scores. We always enjoy playing the Mustangs, but something seems odd this fall season. My own opinion; they seem a bit like those St. Louis and Kansas City teams that come up to Columbia to play ball; overly aggressive, loud, borderline obnoxious. Long gone seems the friendly competition of a ball game. Oh well, they have some new players and parents and some believe they need to win at all costs. If that’s the path they choose, I wish them luck, but I know over the long haul those teams always fall apart in the end. Stress and burnout of parents, players and coaches will drain away the fun of playing – my two cents anyway.

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