Honesty in business

Last week several of us spent a couple days in management training where one of the discussions covered morality in business, new vs. old. I realize this is nothing new in the business world and is a topic business has long struggled with, however I thought the illustration put it in plain and simple terms. The choice should be an easy one.

Then later in the week I read an article in Computer World by Frank Hayes, HP: No Surprise. At Learfield we do lots of business with HP so this caught my eye. Seems the actions of a board member or hired outside investigators may have gotten HP into trouble with California’s attorney general. HP while investigating possible board room leaks may have illegally obtained the home phone records of several reporters as well as its own board members. Frank correctly points out that a company that can’t trust its own leadership is not just suffering from paranoia, but outright despair.

“HP needs a values transplant. Hard as it is to believe, the company that was once the epitome of wise management in the IT business has become a corrupt, dysfunctional travesty of itself.”

Frank – I don’t think it could be said any better!

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