What’s wrong with IT people!

So I’m on the phone today (IT person to remain nameless) – actually got blindsided by the call, but anyway this cat proceeds to tell me how I’m doing “it” wrong. “That’s crap!  Why don’t you do it my way?”

OK!  If you’re responsible for leading IT in your organization and you’re doing this sort of stuff – knock it off!  For one, you’ve already alienated everyone across the table from you.  Secondly, what in the world makes you feel qualified to make such outlandish assertions after a five minute discussion?  Honestly, do you understand all the intricacies involved with a network you know nothing about; from servicing, network management, security management, application management and access, etc?  What about the financial aspect of managed networks?  Look, you have an opinion, that’s it – that’s all.  I’d be more apt to listen if you think and talk responsibly.  I don’t mind being challenged – frankly I love it!  The best solutions come from well thought out challenges.  But reckless assertions, well, those are easily dismissed.  Now, go do your office a favor and take a vaction.

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