2006 Mud Dawgs season comes to a close

Well folks that wraps up this years baseball season for us (the Mud Dawgs are playing next weekend, but we can't make it). Tonights two games we're pretty tough on the Dawgs as they took on two 14 year old teams. Some of these guys we're freshmen in high school; Sam's 11 and in 6th grade. Anyway, the Dawgs lost. I just asked Sam if he remembered the scores. His reply sums it up, "I don't want to remember." So no scores tonight.

Sam and his family had a blast this year with the Dawgs. Huge thanks to Jade and Larry Lucas and Bobby Baker for their hard work and coaching of the Dawgs this year. We made lots of memories, had lots of good times, took lots of pictures and shot some video. In the coming weeks I'll put together a little video of the Dawgs and post on this site. So until spring 2007 – see ya!

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