Sam makes the JCBI team

We got the news Sunday that Sam had made the 6th grade JCBI team. JCBI is the local high school baseball development program for younger kids. He was pretty excited about making it as it marks the beginning of his quest to play for the Jays. Next season is going the be really hard on Sam. He’ll continue to play for the Mud Dawgs; he’ll grow much more as a player with the Dawgs, a 13U AAA team vs. JCBI where he’ll play on a 12U AA team. But I think both teams will actually help Sam develop as a baseball player. The Dawgs will challenge him; he’ll have to work hard to keep up these boys. JCBI will give him some breathing room where he’ll play with boys closer to his own age. Hopefully this’ll give him a chance to shine. And as I said, it’s the start of him playing for a team that he’s talked about since a really young age.

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