What ever happened to web efficiencies?

I don’t mean to whine, but what ever happened to webmasters concern about how quickly their sites load. I recall the early days when extreme care was taken to tweak images and coding looking for maximum performance, fueled by concern for their visitors experience. Come on! 300KB, 500KB, 1.2MB home pages?!?!? Am I missing something? Obviously bloggin’ tools, such as Typepad, WordPress, Blogger and others have enabled users who have no idea what they’re doing to enter into the world of web publishing. But come on – couldn’t the developers of these systems verify character counts, images sizes, etc. and prompt their customer when things start getting out of hand?

“Dear Frank,
Thank you for using our service, we appreciate your business! However, your last posting triggered our handy-dandy performance checker and we’ve determined that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. We’ve automatically optimized your images and added a “read more” link to all posting on your web site. These changes will help conserve bandwidth and prevent a horrible visitor experience for all web surfers across the globe.

If you don’t appreciate our changes you may click undo to convert your site back to its pathetic former self. However we will be forced to water mark your website with the following text, “I’m an idiot, please go away and never visit my website again!”

Thanks for playing
Your service provider"

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