Kids rack up a couple more school awards.

Sheri and I attended the kids first junior high school assembly today – boy what a difference 20 years makes. I recall assemblies being quite orderly – no screaming and no real excitement other than being out of class for an hour. Well the folks at Lewis and Clark have out done themselves. The kids are all pumped and rock-n-roll is being played as the kids walk into the gym. They’re screaming, yelling, doing the wave, chanting – you name it. The closest thing I can think of to describe the experience is Mizzou beating Nebraska or KU, complete with an alien mascot for team Dynamics. Pretty cool stuff for the kids!

So anyway, Megan picked up an award in mathematics for being in the top two for their team. A team is about 100 kids and there are three teams at Lewis & Clark. She also picked up another award in health. And Sam was student of the month for October.

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