Good coaching – worth its weight in gold!

As you already know, every Sunday we pack up the kids and head off to Columbia for a little batting pratice. For weeks we've watched Megan improve by leaps and bounds – that girl is really learning to swing a bat! Good work Megan!

Sam has continues to struggle a bit, but last Sunday lighting struck when we met Nick Steponovich. Nick currently plays baseball at Ohio State, but was back in Columbia for Christmas break. For several months Sam and I've worked to correct a loading problem with his swing, without much success. But after spending just a few minutes with Nick, he not only had the problem pegged, but a solution too. And within about a hour, had Sam back on track.

Good coaching is simply worth its weight in gold. Not only are there a million things to know, but there's a million different tricks to correct every problem. On top of that and most importantly, is a coaches ability to communicate what he/she expects in a way the player can understrand and adjust. Thanks Nick!

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