Today, America lost another of its very own…

I arrived home today to hear my uncle had died, some time this morning. He served the military, spending the majority of his life in the Marines, Army and on several Special Forces teams. During the 1990 – 1991 Gulf war, actually before the war started, he was on one of several teams dropped behind enemy lines. He was also at the so called “Highway of Death,” where the US engaged the Iraqi military fleeing from Kuwait. I’ve seen many of his pictures over the years and from them you get a sense of what war truly is.

He was a proud man – mostly proud of his country. Short of the birth of his children, he was probably most proud swearing in his son when he joined the military.

He sacrificed a lot for all of us – living in pain, his body broken more times than I can count. Troubled relationships from all that time spent away from his family with his country coming first. He had more guts than I could ever hope to possess. And while he’d never agree with this, he was a great American and a true patriot in every sense of the word.

He’ll be missed.

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