Cisco sues Apple over the iPhone

Wow, that didn't take long – maybe 24 hours. Years ago Radio Shack (Tandy Corp) sued Auto Shack (now Auto Zone) over the use of "Shack". If I remember correctly, Tandy successfully argued that the use of the word Shack by Auto Shack was causing confusion in the market – something along those lines. I don’t know about you, but when I think of i-anything, I think of Apple. Based on several years of Apple's using "i" in naming their products and promoting the company; looks to me like Cisco is trying to ride Apples wave. I wonder how this plays out for Apple – will the iPhone become the Apple Phone or will Apple fight this one out?

Update: Opps, according to USPTO looks like the trademark on the iphone was filed back in March of 1996. Here's Cisco's side.

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