A lesson in customer service, “how to loose a customer”

So imagine for a moment you book a flight on one of those travel websites and your trip home went something like this. Upon attempting to make your connection flight, the airlines, in this case Delta, bumps you due to a weight issue on the airplane. There are no other flights tonight and yet you need to report to work in the morning and you're still a thousand miles away from home. Finally lightening strikes and Delta finds you a flight to another city – not the city of your destination, but closer. "Sir, you need to hurry or you'll miss the flight." You're lead to believe that if your rent a car, catch a bus or whatever that Delta will take care of you. NOT! So you wind up renting a car at your own expense after Delta basically strands you in another city after bumping you off your flight. Then to add insult to injury, they loose your luggage. So not only are you out the rental cost, but then Delta refuses to deliver your luggage and you have to drive back to the airport to pick it up.

After spending 4 plus hours on the phone, talking to countless people, countless opportunities for Delta to right the wrong, they failed at every turn.

Quite awhile back I wrote about a lesson in customer service in which Sears went out of their way to correct a problem that really wasn't their fault. Now compare that to Delta, a case study in alienating a customer forever.

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