Mud Dawgs first 2007 baseball practice

As if you needed a gentle reminder that the 2007 baseball season is just around the corner, the Mud Dawgs will hook up this Friday for their first practice of the season. The Atkinson household is ready – itching really, to get the season underway. Sam and Megan have spent all winter working on their swings.

Sam goes into 2007 with a brand new swing, that he’s spent months crafting – unlearning many bad habits taught to him over the years. From “keeping your weight back” to “squishing the bug” to “swinging down at the ball”, you name it. We broke down his swing down into several components; stance, negative move, connection, bat lag, contact, extension, finish (1,2,3,4), And using a really cool software package from enables us to analyze each phase of his swing. We can compare swings frame-by-frame, side-by-side and even compare his swing style to that of the pro’s. This enables a batter to see what they’re doing and helps them to quickly adjust – as they say, “a picture is worth a thousands words”.

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