Mentos plus diet Coke equals entertainment

So in continuation of “One step Beyond … I’m not sure who these cats are, but heard they were on Letterman the other night and for good reason. For me, one has to wonder how people discover things like this. Is it along the lines of: one day you just happen to pop a Mentos in your mouth and take a swig of diet Coke? Or does the chemist in you one day notice the ingredients and put two-and-two together?

Well, whatever the case – nieces’ and nephews’ will be over this 4th of July holiday – with a bit of luck I’ll sucker them into dropping a few Mentos into a diet Coke bottle. We’ll try to have the camera’s rolling to capture their reaction.

If you haven’t seen the video – it’s worth a few minutes to do so.

Update: The how and why.

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