Redesign complete

Redesign finally completed – sort of anyway.

It's been quite awhile since my last post, almost two months. With baseball practice in full swing most evenings are spent on the ball field, any time left over I've spent working on this blog – obviously not posting however. I've managed to get the design far enough along to put it up, but could've spent another couple weeks tweaking it, but I came to realize that it'll never be done.

I stuck with Drupal 4.7 for now and used the Internet Services theme as my foundation. Being my first attempt at entering the world of CCS and PHP, working from an existing template was a big help. Drupal, "out of the box" provides a pretty powerful website to start with, but its real power lies in your ability to customize it to suit your needs. I've only just begun, so no great words of wisdom from me. My only advice, be willing to roll up your sleeves and pound your head into the wall without giving up. Ask questions of the community when you're stuck – ask questions, don't ask them to solve it for you. Remember, you're supposed to be learning. There's lots of great sites and knowledgeable people out there using Drupal, so no excuses – get to work!

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