USA Daylight Savings Time gets an update

Being and IT guy this years DST change is something we've been messing with at work for months now.  Thankfully all that effort appears to have paid off, only experiencing minor issues this morning.  The only thing is though – I still can't believe the lack of planning and poor communications from several major software companies out there.  This has to be one of the worst, poorly planned and poorly communicated updates I  can remember. 

Sage software, the makers of a popular contact database solution, ACT!, waited until March 1st to let the planet know they had a problem.  This was after they told us back in February their software was OS dependent and wouldn't require any updates.  We managed to find out about this on the 6th – not much time to test, package and deploy an update across the company.  And what about Microsoft and Exchange – does anyone out there believe Microsoft really understood the impact of this change.  How any updates for the update can you publish in a weeks time?  Toss in all the Blackberries and PDAs and you have a potential mess on your hands.

All this and congress may decide to change it again in two years – you've got to be kidding me!

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